Why Most People Use Jewellery?

Jewellery is as popular as ever and people have been using it for centuries. Most people cannot go out without wearing some type of jewellery and many of us love to change them at will. But, why do people use jewellery and why is it so universal?

Perhaps, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about why people use jewellery is wealth. You might be right. Many people want to display their means of life and jewellery is the first they think about.

In many societies and cultures, wearing jewellery is one good way to display wealth. Today, during wedding ceremonies, private parties, and any other social events, it is not uncommon to see different jewellery on display. It is on such occasions that many people want to display their wealth and they do so with fashion jewellery.

Jewellery is also used for symbolic purpose. For instance, it is not uncommon to use jewellery as a symbol of worship in some religions. Some worshipers might also use it in their prayers. Besides, married people use jewellery to indicate their status and to show their allegiance to their partner.

In the past, most jewellery was made from natural materials like shell, bone, animal teeth, carved stone, and so on. In time, more types were made of rare materials for more wealthy people to indicate their social status. Some more robust and enduring materials like metal and gemstones were used to produce jewellery for people of high means. However, the hardest and most enduring natural material of all – diamond – is being used to produce beautiful jewellery.

Nowadays, many people are moving towards less costly costume jewellery, which is made from lower value materials. This kind of jewellery is now very popular because it offers the possibility of wearing Jewellery to match a particular clothing outfit for a one-off occasion. Because this kind of Jewellery is affordable, it has become the practice of many women to purchase the Jewellery for the purpose of accessorising  a particular clothing outfit.
This is the reason you would hardly see a woman dressed without Jewellery of some kind. No doubt, the pendulum has shifted to costume fashion jewellery, but a lot are still made from valuable materials such as gold or silver.

As you can see from our discussions so far, people use jewellery for different reasons and you might have your own special reason for wearing it too.

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